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New Homes

Building the ideal house for you is paramount in all we do. From choosing the location and initial layout ideas right through to giving you the keys to your new home, we offer the complete house development service and so it's no wonder we're one of the best house building and development companies in Central Queensland. 

Buying new generally means that it is cheaper to run than older property and they are built to a high standard, but sometimes the charm of an older property is irresistible and we have to have it. But fear not, Keyworth Builders will work with you to ensure that none of the character and charm is lost along the way. 

We have a set specification for the quality homes that we design, develop and build to keep our standards high. Our aim is always to provide you with the best in every room, creating the perfect home for you.  

We have been building homes of distinction for over 9 years in and around Gladstone and because we are a privately owned company, we can provide you with your ideal home, specially designed to your own specifications.    

We can be trusted to work on anything from single build, private housing developments and major construction projects. As developers and builders, we offer a 1st class service, helping you build the dream home you have been planning.