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Kitchens & Bathrooms

Buying an old or a new property, Keyworth Builders will help you fit that luxury designer kitchen and en suite bathroom that you've always wanted.

Fitting kitchens that are chosen and supplied by the stores are our specialty. Not only is our craftsmanship and reliability superior to the store fitters … we beat them on price time and time again.

We believe that after the kitchen, it's the bathroom potential buyers head for when they're sizing up a house. Given the appeal of updated bathrooms to home buyers, experts say that you can expect to recover more than the cost of a new bathroom when you come to sell your home.

Keyworth Builders excels in bathroom design and modernisation. Whether your taste runs from modern to timeless classics, we can supply and fit a full range of bath products and accessories - And we will come up with a solution whatever your budget.

We can help with your ideas....

Bathrooms are largely intangible products in the sense that you cannot try them on for size in advance of your purchase. The process of designing and installing your bathroom properly involves coordinating and controlling an amazing number of details. The services Keyworth Builders performs in this arena will ensure the success of your bathroom project. Without a doubt, these services are the single most important reason why our company is fundamentally different from other bathroom sources.