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Decks & Pergolas

Add a patio or pergola over part or all of your decking for a complete outdoor entertaining solution. The options are endless and you'll be surprised with the design possibilities.

Here at Keyworth Builders we understand that everyone is unique, and your decking area should be as unique as you. Your timber decking is the perfect place to chill out and enjoy the Queensland climate. Made for entertaining family and friends, relaxing by the poolside, or a great place to sit back and read the papers.

For that reason we provide a comprehensive decking design service. We will discuss how you want your deck space to work for you and then create a bespoke decking solution. We design and construct unique outdoor living spaces and decks to reflect your lifestyle, providing seamless transitions from inside to outside the home.

Maybe you want to reclaim that sloping or muddy part of the back yard turning it into a functional outdoor living space. You can let your ideas run wild because a timber deck can be virtually any shape or size. It can be built with different levels and stairs, even cantilevered over steep slopes.

Whatever the shape or levels of your garden we will design an outstanding decking solution for you to enjoy all year round, complete with accessories such as planters, benches, ramps, privacy screens and pergolas which can all be designed and built to your specification and to blend into your decking design.

Originally the word “pergola” was used to describe a covered walk-way bounded by trellis-work and covered with plants, but it has since come to apply to any structure formed from uprights and crossbeams which acts as a support for climbers. This makes a pergola – in the modern sense – a wonderfully versatile feature, whether forming exactly the sort of long covered path the term once meant, in a large garden or little more than a canopy in a more modest plot.


Pergolas, arches and trellises are unbeatable additions to any patio, terrace or pathway, adding new height to the vertical dimension, while offering shelter, seclusion and a perfect support for any number of climbing plants.

As architectural as they are functional, they can be made with simple, clean lines to suit the most informal of gardens or as intricate and ornate as you wish, making the basic idea adaptable to any landscape design.