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The tradesmen at Keyworth Builders joined the team through industry contacts and previous working relationships. All of whom are experienced, skilled, detail-oriented men ready, willing and able to perform their duties in a respectable and professional manner.

If you are a commercial developer, architect, landlord, housing association, social housing provider or seeking to work on joint property developments, then Keyworth Builders will exceed all your expectations. We build projects ranging in scope from a single office to new buildings, warehousing to manufacturing facilities.

Keyworth Builders have on-going working relationships with the architectural and design industry to assist them in developing their visions into realities for their clients. We negotiate contracts with supply vendors and have aligned ourselves with the most qualified subcontractor businesses that perform at our level of customer satisfaction. Due to these relationships, we can quickly develop a project budget and mobilise a team to accomplish a build-out effectively and efficiently.

Serving developers, property managers, and landlords can be challenging for a general contractor. Often, as-built drawings for a given building are not current, or simply do not exist. More often than not, contractors are asked to prepare a quotation from little more than a ‘napkin sketch’ and a ‘wish list’. Consequently, obtaining competitive quotes that are QUALIFIED can be difficult … if even possible at all.

Fortunately, there are general contractors whose project experience includes Design/Build projects. In addition to the proposed scope of work, Keyworth Builders looks beyond the obvious and will survey the proposed building for;

• Functionality and Overall Operational Status
• Handicap Accessibility
• Code Compliance 
• Typical Fire Department Requirements

Having these items included in the scope of the project from the beginning, as well as having a thorough working knowledge of our local jurisdictions, will save time, and ultimately money, as move-in dates can be kept and the customer can be assured that their building is move-in ready when it’s time to move in.

When an unforeseen condition arises, we can immediately evaluate the condition, review alternatives and provide solutions for the client without delays. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the utmost in quality, pricing, timelines, and safety on our projects. We have an outstanding reputation in the industry, which can be attributed to exceptional performance and total customer satisfaction.